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TV Media Advertising Agency

Media sales house in the Republic of Kazakhstan, possessing exclusive right to sell advertising opportunities on leading TV channel “The First channel – Eurasia” and in out-of-home media.
Astana One of nation-wide Kazakhstan TV channels, broadcasting from Astana. Member of “Nur-Media” media holding. Performs a round-of-clock broadcasting on Kazakh and Russian languages. Video-International Kazakhstan (RD-Media). Has been operating since 2006. Member of Video International group of companies. Engaged in sales of advertising opportunities of 31-st channel and Rakhat-TV.
Видео Интернешэнел Казахстан (Ар-Ди-Медиа) Существует с 2006 года. Входит в состав группы компании Видео Интернешенел. Занимается продажами рекламных возможностей 31 канала и Рахат-ТВ
El Arna Television entertainment channel, with potential audience of nine and half million of viewers. Broadcasting is performed on Kazakh and Russian languages. Broadcasting priority is in showing of feature films, TV-series, educational and cultural programs.
Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan” TV channel is an old-stager of television broadcasting. Has huge archive and well-developed television network. The major audience of the TV channel is citizens of small towns and rural regions, mainly with domination of Kazakh-speaking population.
KTK “KTK” TV-channel. Has the status of national broadcaster, recognized leader of television market of the country during almost two decades. KTK is oriented, fist of all, on the programs of own production.
NTK National private channel. Sets itself up as the channel for people of the most active young age. Important aspect in the channel’s policy is forming good and quality (in social and demographic relation) television audience.
The First Channel — Eurasia «The First Eurasia Channel» is the Kazakhstan’s independent TV channel. «The Eurasia «is not only the largest, but also the most popular channel of our country. Leadership of the channel is convincingly affirmed by several sociological services data which use different methods of measuring viewership. Priority in the channel’s policy is the preservation and development of traditions of educational, intellectual, cultural programs and programs related to entertainment broadcasting, including the most popular genre-cinema, as well as news, socio-political and analytical television.
Rakhat-TV Independent TV company, has been already working over ten years in the information market of Kazakhstan. Presently, “Rakhat-TV” broadcasts in Astana, Almaty, Atyrau, Aktau, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Karaganda, Temirtau. The channel correspondents work mainly in regional centers and large cities of Kazakhstan.
The SeventhChannel News, analytical programs, movies and series, popular-science films and light entertainment show – that is the TV menu on Kazakh and Russian language. The whole broadcasting is segmented with orientation to maximum coverage of viewers’ audience so that each Kazakh can name the channel as his own.
TAN The first private television company registered on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Potential audience: over 1.5 million of people. The main products of the TV channel are original newscasts where the priority is given to city events. Production of own projects on Russian and Kazakh language.
TRC 31-st channel Nation-wide republican television and radio broadcasting company. Has an experience of own programming.
TRC MIR In October 1992 the heads of eight states – Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan signed the Agreement about establishment of “Mir” International television and radio broadcasting company.
Khabar National channel broadcasting on Kazakh and Russian language, for over 13 million of potential viewers. Priority in broadcasting is given to news. Information programs take up to one-third of the entire broadcasting time. Publicistic, entertainment, musical, sport and other programs of the Agency are also in great popularity.

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