About Committee

United Industrial Committee comprising major TV channels and advertising agencies was established in 2001. The Committee has concluded a contract with Gallup Media Asia for implementation of TV survey. This was the first precedent in CIS countries.

The main goals of the UIC establishment:

  • Finances accumulation for ensuring measuring set operation
  • Control of measuring set operation for obtaining reliable information on measurements of audience and monitoring of television broadcasting
  • Control of the UIC members’ activity for contractual obligations performance
  • Implementation of TV-panel auditing
  • Control of installation researches implementation
  • Organization of tenders for television measurements performing

Abstract from the United Committee’s Charter:

“The goals of the Committee and its tasks include satisfaction of public need in receiving real information on issues of telecasting, telemetry in these areas with the purpose of their distribution in society, protection of consumers-subscribers’ rights from abuse, providing services of not-suitable quality, study of world good practice in the sphere of telemetry, telecasting and certification…”

The UIC structure:
Superior Management Board – the UIC Conference. Consists of authorized representatives and the Board’s members. The UIC Conference is governed in its activity by the Charter, assemblies as and when necessary but not rarer than once a year.

Within the period between conferences, Executive Secretary carries on the management of the UIC’s activity. He possesses all the powers required for current management of the Committee’s activity. But not rarer than once a year he should submit a report to the Conference about work performed and bring in the loss and profit statement for approval by the Conference.

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