Internet displaces TV

InternetInterest in online business in Kazakhstan is increasing more and more. It is evidenced by the increasing interest emergence of major professional players in the market, and growing budgets for Internet advertising. That is what awaits .KzNet in 2010 in an interview with told the expert in the field of web development Vasily Ulyanov .

— Internet in Kazakhstan is playing an increasingly prominent role.  Internet is in sphere of an increased interest of the State, and market entry of major international players, and the emergence of professional Internet resources, and doubling of the number of users for 2009. According to Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on informatization and communication the number of users for 2009 ha made up 4.7 million. One of the most important indicators of development of the market you can call volumes of online advertising. The total volume of the Internet advertising market in 2009 was about $ 5 million.  However, there is great variation in prices on online advertising. Kazakhstani sites work in tough competition with Russian sites. The Russians «pressure» with volumes of traffic and lower prices. But the effectiveness of local sites is higher, because advertising on foreign sites is always perceived as alien, not suitable for us. Once our sites will be able to give adequate coverage of audience, advertisers and advertising agencies «set their faces towards» local sites. The number and quality of sites, advertising agencies, companies that promote themselves on the Internet, will only grow in Kazakhstan. It is possible that this market in 2010 may grow three times.


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