KTK: 20 years in television broadcasting

Арман ШураевAbout the upcoming anniversary, production of own serials, key competitors, and what’s missing our domestic television, told Arman Shuraev, the General Director of the TV channel «KTK».

-Arman Tulegenovich, KTK channel should celebrate its 20th anniversary soon. Are you preparing something special for the audience?

— the contest Started on the creation of the anthem of the KTK. We turned to our viewers – to write a song about how YOU see the KTK. And yet together with viewers we remember our own television broadcasts created during 20 years –namely they make up the history of the KTK. And we are in search for «National Hero».

— You already have your own TV series. You have taken part in the creation of a feature film. You can assume you seriously decided to do your own movies and series?

-Production of its own high-quality content, including television shows and movies – part of our development strategy. We try to keep up with the times and modern technologies. Now for the KTK a filming of the seven series «Aisha» in Kazakh is taking place. And by the autumn our viewers will see the first serial in the State language in the history of Kazakhstan television —

-Today the KTK among exclusively Kazakhstan content takes the first position. So the popularity of KTK news are higher than other TV channels?

-We are trying in maximum frankly say that excites the majority of Kazakhstan people. Besides that the KTK News is almost 20 years old. Probably we have learned something during this time. Well, and, moreover, we constantly invest in the News: clear pictures, a studio for which we have no shame, travels, technology, experienced journalists out of all of all this you can build your own ratings.

— Who do you think your main competitors? And in general how much now competition in the market media in pursuit of high performance is intensified?

Today the main our competitor is the cable television. In particular, Russian channels.

–What is it going on with advertising policies? Is it more rigid? Or maybe you become more «tougher” and more expensive due to the high ratings?

— Advertising policy, both in terms of sales and in terms of value for many years has remained in the same vein, not changing the vector and it reflects only the annual media inflation of the entire market. High ratings, from our point of view, are not a reason to change its policy dialogue with partners (our advertisers).

-What do you think our domestic television is missing?

Support from the State. In fact, we are engaged in information import replacement, i.e., try to solve the problem of information security, which is the same product security. The State should subsidize big TV projects not only in the state channels, especially with regard to programmes in the Kazakh language.

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