Advertising on TV has fallen by 25%

Whether the crisis  increased the share of television advertising among all market players? And what are the forecasts in the coming year in this market segment? Will TV on the earlier, aforecrisis positions? We talked to the Director-General «Video International – Kazakhstan» Valery Mashtakov.

 How would you rate the downfall of the advertising market in comparison with the years 2008 and 2007?

-Television advertising segment of the advertising market in 2009, according to our estimates amounted to about 14.3 billion tenges. Drop by the year 2008 was at the level of 25%, by 2007 – 34%.

-How much decreased the activity of advertisers in 2009?

-Most significantly reduced its activity on TV in 2009 the 2 largest mobile operators “ KCell” and “BeeLine” (-50% and 55% purchased web General Packet Radio Service to the last year, respectively). Banks have lessened its activity: the amount of available inventory sector (all 6 +) fell by 58% (by 2008).

— At the moment there are the two essential channels-channel 31/STS Kazakhstan and STVchannel («Rakhat”)in the package «WEE». According to TNS, advertising of the channels  occupy 4th place and 13th place respectively. How much these results allow you to confidently feel on the market?

-The competitive environment and the existence of our channels in the pool of 31/STS channel allows us to feel quite confident. The channel takes the second place among all Kazakhstani channels and offers advertisers a very large set of qualitative audiences. So 16 advertisers from TOP-20 included the 31/STS channel in the mix called advertising channels in 2009. This is proved.

Less bright our results in sales of resources of another partner –STV channel. As you know, TV spent a rebranding in 2009 and we together expect to do to generate image of the STV as an effective advertising vehicle.

 -What are your forecasts for advertising market development in 2010?

— We look at 2010 with moderate optimism. Psychological bottom crisis has been passed evidenced by the macroeconomic statistics. Despite the negative expectations, GDP in 2009 had been increased by 1.1%, and a growth is planned at the level of 2,4 % in 2010.

Effective demand for advertisements in 2010, we forecast at 14-15 billion tenges. The budget session, which is currently in its active phase until i confirming our forecasts.

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