Expert Council

“Approved by“
Executive secretary
of the “United Industrial Committee”

Legal Entities Association

A.G. Varenitsin


Regulation on Council of Experts
of the “United Industrial Committee” LEA

1. General provisions.

1.1. The Council of Experts (CE) is a structural subdivision of the “United Industrial Committee” LEA (IC). The Council of Experts is headed by a director who is appointed by the order of the executive secretary of the company. Direct control of the CE activity is performed by the executive secretary of the company.
1.2. In its activity the Council of Experts is governed by current legislation and legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Charter of the Company, orders of the executive secretary of the “United Industrial Committee” LEA and the present Regulation.
1.3. Members of the CE are elected annually at the IC meetings. Number and composition of the CE is determined by members of the IC.
1.4. The main task of the CE is to control implementation of contractual relationships between the IC and researching company TNS GMA in compliance with the requirements of the IC members.  
1.5. The CE is a subdivision of the company and in its general activity is guided by mission, goal, tasks and ideology of the IC.

2. Main tasks and functions.

The CE relies in its general activity on the experience and requirements of the IC members in the field of telemetry.
The main areas of the work include:

  • Determination of terms for implementation of adjusting researches;
  • Correctness of implementing the same;
  • Control of data delivery;
  • Forms the demand for new segments of measurements;
  • Performs consulting in the field of telemetry and in the field of sociological researches;

3. Organization of the CE activity

3.1. The Council of Experts performs the following kinds of activity:

  • Analysis of television advertising market;
  • Analysis of indicators of the RK advertising space;
  • Analysis of the advertising market potential;
  • Sociological analysis and prognosis;
  • Development of new products, projects and services on the basis of analysis of data available; as well as analysis of their application efficiency;  
  • Preparation of documentation (orders, instructions, directions) connected with application of new products, projects and services;
  • Elaboration of recommendations for promotion of new products, projects and services in the market;
  • Development of price packages for new products, projects and services;
  • Development of plan and methodology of sociological researches implementation;
  • Work with researching agencies for researches carrying out;
  • Analysis of the researches results obtained;
  • Familiarization of concerned members of the IC with the researches results obtained;

3.2. If necessary, the CE members mutually substitute each other in implementing of their tasks. Duties of each CE member are specified by relevant requests of the IC members.
3.3. In order to implement the works of the CE, the employees of the companies involved in media-industry can be hired.

4. Principles of the CE budget forming.

4.1. The CE operates at the expense of the IC.  
4.2. Amounts of the expenses of for the CE maintenance are determined by the executive secretary of the IC in agreement with the IC members.

5. Relationships of the CE members with other IC members

6.1. The CE interacts with all the IC members in compliance with the present Regulation.  
6.1.1. Interaction of the CE with the IC members is implemented in two directions:
1) The Council of Experts accepts from the IC members the orders for works performance.
2) The Council of Experts performs the works kinds which are stated in p. 3.1. of the present Regulation, and submits the report.
6.2. The Council of Experts is one of the functional subdivisions of the IC and in this connection it shall submit entire non-confidential information to other members of the IC, as well as can request for necessary information submission from the IC members for performing successful activity, if such information is not confidential.
6.3. Confidential information is subject to transfer in agreement with the executive secretary and the IC members.

7. Organization of works.

7.1. Payment of labor remuneration for the CE members is performed in compliance with the staff list.
7.2. Schedule of the CE meetings: each second Tuesday of every month, with exception of emergency cases (systematic short delivery of data, casual change of panel and etc.).

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