“Expert opinion” on the UIC site.

expert-1A new column “Expert opinion” is opened on the site of the United Industrial Committee. Here we will comment the events occurring in the advertising and television market of Kazakhstan.

Each month we will publish the data of the poll from the representatives of TV channels, advertising agencies and sales houses.

We hope that our site will be a ground for exchange of opinions and constructive dialogue.

In this publication we present an opinion of watching separate TV programs represented in our TV rating.

Oleg Borodulin and Alexander Mikhailov comment the data of “Daily news” category. Experts responded on the following questions:

1. Is there any specificity of this category watching. Or one watches it as any other (for example, as TV series or humoristic programs)?

2. Rating of the majority of news is less than 1 unit. What are the reasons for this phenomenon?

3. Rating of “Vremya” program (First Eurasia, 22:00) in comparison with the rating of the closest competitor is approximately 3 times higher. What is the reason?

Opinions of the experts were similar in much. According to their words, it is not possible to analyze this category only on the basis of mediastatistics. The reason is lack of “image” and content. Even one news issue can not be compared with the other one on the same channel. Because the audience is too different.          

As to rating indication, when information programs receive less than 1 unit. Here the reason of lower rating of the news is non-attractiveness of the content for TV spectators. When it is not so – it is evident by rating!

High rating of “Vremya” program is explained with interesting presentation of the news and their urgency. In addition, I would note a permanency of the time it has been shown during many years. This is the “habit of watching”.

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