Annual final conference of the UIC took place in Almaty.

Conference where results of 2009 were summed up, gathered all the subscribers of the United Industrial Committee. The UIC members were provided with the results of establishment survey of 2009 in comparison with the previous year, and financial statement for 2009.  And the draft of budget for 2010 was presented.

One of the main issues of the conference was the discussion of the UIC re-registration. Solution about closing of the existing UIC and registration of the new company (LEA) was adopted. Organizations desiring to become founders of the new UIC, are offered to pass the documents till 29 December 2010. Those companies which will have no time or opportunity to pass the documents till 29 December, can do this till 25 June 2010.

Here you can acquaint yourself with the Minutes of general meeting of the UIC dated 14.12.2009

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