Television advertising accumulates hatred of spectators

reklama_e4w57b4u88Advertising even more often causes irritation of televiewers: in comparison with last year the number of people which preview trailers deduce from composure, has increased on 5 % (from 22 % in 2009 to 27 % in 2010). Sociologists of have informed on it following the results of interrogation .

The greatest negative is caused by advertising of means of personal hygiene (11%). Alcohol advertising, and in particular, beer, irritates people twice less often. At people interrogated (5 %) such commercials cause «a storm of negative emotions as it is the purposeful program of destruction of young generation». More 3 % change the channel at the sight of detergent powder advertising «Tide», 2 % hate the commercials advertising medicines. As much people interrogated (2 %) are not in delight from cosmetics and perfumery.

Source: RosBalt

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