The TV market of Kazakhstan in 2009 has shown its relative stability

The first three of leaders following the results of measurements of TV programmes watch share remains the same, as well as in 2008 (the First channel «Eurasia», KTK, 31/STS). (See the Table)

Unconditional leadership was kept by “the First Channel» Eurasia». It is the dominating channel which has finished 2009 with shares of 41.62 and almost did not lost its own spectators. There go three channels following “the First Channel Eurasia”, already which year coming off other TV speakers. These are KTK, 31st Channel and NTK. This year the considerable overflow of audience into cable networks became obvious also. Thus, Alma-TV in 2008 had a share of 1.84%, and 2009 this cable network has finished with share of 5. 77%, having taken its place at once after leaders of rating race. And here a moving of the “El Arna” channel became the most appreciable falling from 5th place in 2008 onto 7th one in 2009. Its losses in the share have made 3 points – with 7. 27 in 2008 till 4.34 in 2009. “El Arna” from the channel which has almost caught up the Kazakhstan leaders of television broadcasting last year, this year has turned into a mid-point channel. (See the Table).

Audience loss is appreciable at both television channels «Khabar» and «Astana» which following the results of 2009 have exchanged among themselves in places in a rating of channels. But almost half of spectators have left from «Khabar». From beginners of 2009 in the panel of measurements solely «Kazakhstan» television channel managed to type a significant amount of spectators. «Kazakhstan» has typed a share of 4.97%, having occupied 5th place among television broadcasting channels. «The Seventh Channel» yet has not won its spectator from other channels. (See the Table)

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